A podcast where I talk about various fictional ideas and stories with my deliciously alluring dark voice. Bathe in the waters of my mind and soul.

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Room 49B

What mysteries does a small motel in Northern Idaho hold?

The Rabbit and The Acorn

This is a short story about the adventures of a rabbit and an acorn, who go through a traumatic experience in a special dark forest in Spain. It's an experience that w...

License Plate Blocking

This episode is about the ridiculous practice of purposely using things such as a bike rack to block one's license plate for the purpose of hiding a bad plate, or expi...

Scarlet Rot IRL Pt 3

In this episode we put a strong focus on the red butterflies and the attention they garnered over the graves of the two scientists who unfortunately died from the real...

Scarlet Rot IRL Pt 2

Let us dive a little more into the world of Scarlet Rot, in the fictional and non-fictional realms. We will also talk about a lone fan of the game where the disease or...

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