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Room 49B

What mysteries does a small motel in Northern Idaho hold?

The Rabbit and The Acorn

This is a short story about the adventures of a rabbit and an acorn, who go through a traumatic experience in a special dark forest in Spain. It's an experience that w...

License Plate Blocking

This episode is about the ridiculous practice of purposely using things such as a bike rack to block one's license plate for the purpose of hiding a bad plate, or expi...

Scarlet Rot IRL Pt 3

In this episode we put a strong focus on the red butterflies and the attention they garnered over the graves of the two scientists who unfortunately died from the real...

Scarlet Rot IRL Pt 2

Let us dive a little more into the world of Scarlet Rot, in the fictional and non-fictional realms. We will also talk about a lone fan of the game where the disease or...

Scarlet Rot IRL

What would happen if the fictional Scarlet Rot disease from the video game Elden Ring became a real disease that afflicted real people? Well, this may have actually ha...

The Moon Push Project

In this episode we talk about a company that is currently working hard on actually pushing the moon further away from the earth. Why, though?

The Candle of Wake

Explore with us an interesting invention designed to wake you up in a unique way. With the combination of multiple cameras and lasers, the Candle of Wake will wake you...

Jurassic Tastes: World's First Dino Meat Resturant Pt 2

We learn a bit more about the newly created restaurant Jurassic Tastes and what's behind their unique lab grown meat offerings.

Jurassic Tastes: World's First Dino Meat Resturant

Let us examine a new restaurant that has just opened up in New York City called Jurassic Tastes. This restaurant uses DNA samples found from fossilized dinosaurs to cr...

Chemically Cooked Chicken

What if you could cook chicken without using any heat source, hm?

The Dentist of Wisdom

Take a little journey to the center of the earth to meet a dentist of wisdom and his two assistants.

The 30 Day Euthanasia Pill

Let us take a look at the Deathium pill, a Canadian euthanasia pill that is specifically designed to euthanize exactly at the 30-day mark.

Guinevere: The Ghost Ship Pt 2

Is Guinevere really a ghost? Will it actually be found? And how can we explain it logically?

Guinevere: The Ghost Ship

Learn about one of the most mysteries ships to ever travel the waters of the earth.

Earth's Second Moon

Does Earth have more than one moon? Well, the answer will surprise you.

Avonk: The Dream Manipulator Pt 2

We look further into the Avonk device and to how exactly it can change a nightmare into something happy.

Avonk: The Dream Manipulator

Ever wanted to change your nightmares into something not so scary?

Sad Putty Pt 2

How safe is Sad Putty, really? We examine the darker side of Sad Putty in this episode.

Sad Putty

We look at the invention of Sad Putty on a sad day. It's quite a bit different from Silly Putty, though oddly similar.

The Floating City of Marzipan

This city will amaze and shock you. Join us as we explore the floating city of Marzipan and how it's actually... floating.

A Turkey Found On The Moon

Turkeys on the moon? A NASA experiment gone wrong? Are turkeys actually aliens? Do you wanna eat aliens this Thanksgiving? Well, only if they taste good.

Never-flat Soda

Let's take a look at never-flat soda, which is achieved by a specially designed cup that recaptures carbon dioxide.

When Sharks Fall From The Sky Pt 2

We take a deeper look at why sharks are ending up in-inland America. And no it thankfully isn't because of shark fin soup.

When Sharks Fall From The Sky

Police reports indicate that sharks have been found falling from the sky in several land-locked US states. Let's dive deeper and see what's going on here.

Modella: A Reduced-Gravity Town

In this episode we take a look at an unusual gravity anomaly in a town in Italy that features a small reduced-gravity area. Where did it come from and how does it work...

Meltless Ice

Meltless ice is here and it's here... now. Close the kickstarter tab and join us as we dive into a frozen lake that never thaws.

The Transatlantic Bridge Pt 2

Ah yes. Hello again. This is Part 2 of the sequence on the incredible Transatlantic Mezzanine Bridge. Let us dig deeper to learn what makes this bridge tick, what it f...

The Transatlantic Bridge

In our first episode, I take a close examination at the newly created Transatlantic Mezzanine Bridge; one of the world's most incredible engineering projects ever cons...

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