License Plate Blocking

This episode is about the ridiculous practice of purposely using things such as a bike rack to block one's license plate for the purpose of hiding a bad plate, or expired tag.

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So, folks, why are we here today? What is going on? Hmm… ah yes. The subject of the day is License Plate Blocking: an unusual trend that is popping up online and in a few retailers across the country. This is a trend that I do not support–at all. It’s a trend to skirt the law and to hide criminal activity.

Before we talk about this: I want to make a few things crystal clear: we, at I’m Super Serious, fully support the law and do not condone this practice. The information contained in this podcast is for entertainment purposes only. Do not partake in anything discussed here. At the same time, this show and its content is still safe for younger audiences. If there are any younger folk listening: well, first of all: thank you for listening. Second of all: always remain on the right side of the law. That’s a great way to stay out of jail.

So, license plate blocking. You may have seen this on the road while driving: someone may have some type of contraption on the back of their vehicle that blocks the view of their license plate. It might be a bike rack, or some other type of device. Legitimate bike rack manufacturers sadly do not take into account that the rack can obscure someone’s license plate from view. Also, having your license plate blocked in this manner may not even arouse suspicion from police in many cases. At the same time, it can provide a police officer with a solid excuse to pull you over.

What is happening online is there is a growing market of fake bike racks and other contraptions that are not made at all to support or carry a bike, but are made to do one thing: block the view of your license plate. Avoid these contraptions at all costs, because again: it can give a cop an excuse to pull you over.

Other devices include fake bumper protectors, weird hitch contraptions, and skirts that hang out of your trunk: all of which serve one purpose: to block the view of your license plate.

Stolen vehicles have utilized some of these techniques: however, the color and make of the vehicle is typically enough to locate a stolen vehicle quickly.

What is sad, however, is that many online and brick and mortar retailers currently sell devices and even tints that purposely obscure your license plate. Shame on these retailers. These companies are helping people skirt the law. That ain’t cool, man. We need a government crackdown on these retailers so they will remove and ban these products, as they are typically used to hide illegal activity.

The good news is that police are catching on in many jurisdictions. Growing awareness of this issue will hopefully get retailers to clean up their act, too. Who knows, though.

And in a related manner: folks, make sure your plate is up to date and is not obscured by dirt, or anything for that matter. Also, if you have to carry a bike on the back of your car and it is blocking your license plate, I would suggest putting your plate on the inside of your rear window. However, before making any changes to your license plate position: please check your local laws first.

That’s it folks. I am out of time. Thank you so much for listening.

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License Plate Blocking
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